About us

The association "Slacklions - Slackline Zürich" was founded on June 1, 2012 and has just over 100 members (as of 2018).

We are in constant contact with Grünstadt Zurich to keep slacklining legal in the city parks and to work out good solutions in this area - especially with regard to tree protection. We offer a weekly indoor slackline training at the Kanti Stadelhofen. In talks with the water police we have achieved that waterlining over the Limmat (near Dynamo) has been legalized (only for association members). When the weather is nice, we meet regularly for outdoor slackline trainings. In cooperation with Grünstadt Zurich we were able to work out the legalization of highlining in the forest at Stöckentobel. Our association also organizes one or two club weekends a year where slacklining is the focus, but other sports also find their place.

The Slacklions are a member of the umbrella organization "Swiss Slackline". We are actively involved in various projects of the association, such as the development of solutions with the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) to report highlines on flight obstacle charts. Also, we have already organized the Swiss Slackline Championship twice.

You can support our work and be part of all activities by joining the association. The annual membership fee of 50.- CHF covers our expenses.


Association statutes

The updated statutes of the association were approved at the general assembly of 14 March 2019 and are valid as of this date:

Association Statutes 2019-03-14 (German)

This version replaces the previously valid statutes dated 01 June 2012:

Association Statutes 2012-06-01 (German)



Function Name
President Jonas Langford
Vice-President Silvana Baumann
Cashier Manuel Kun
Member Anja Mengotti
Member Clement Cocchi
Member Marc Kraft
Member Samuel Volery
Member Sara Spring
Member Tijmen Van Dieren

Become a member

Support our activities. Whether ideally or actively - we need your voice to be able to advocate for our sport on a political and societal level.

Advantages as a member:

  • You can participate in our weekly indoor training as often as you like.
  • You are allowed to waterline at Dynamo in summer
  • You can participate in the association's events at a significantly reduced price
  • You are automatically a member of the umbrella organization "Swiss Slackline

The annual membership fee is only 50.- CHF!

Since the membership fee is very tight (gym rent, organization of events, etc.), we would also appreciate a donation. Drop by or sign up now!



For more information or inquiries, you can reach us by email.