Zurich City Parks

Slacklining in Zurich's city parks is allowed thanks to a long-standing cooperation of the slackline association with Grünstadt Zurich! 

However, a few rules must be followed: 

  • Tree protectors must be used under the tree slings, which protect the complete circumference of the tree against abrasion (such tree protectors are included in a good slackline set).
  • The minimum diameter of the trees used is 40cm.
  • Slacklines must be clearly visible or made visible - especially if they are mounted at eye level. Slacklines can otherwise be seen badly - especially by cyclists - and can lead to accidents.
  • Here you can find the official rules of the city of Zurich.

Would you like to join one of our sessions or meet other slackliners? Then post in our Facebook group when and where you are going to rig your next line.



Occasionally we meet for highlining (slacklining at greater heights) in the Stöckentobel near Witikon. We rig highlines in lengths from 40 to 140m between massive trees over the Elefantenbach. Highlining at this location is legal under observance of the tree protection rules.

In the Zurich area we are currently about 30 active highliners who practice this sport to do something good for their bodies and to have fun. In addition, we even have some of the world's best highliners in Zurich, who have already set several world records and, for example, performed a highline show at the Zürifäscht.

Motivated slackliners are always welcome to join our highline sessions. We organize ourselves through our Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram groups. If the weather is good, we often meet for highlining at other locations outside of the canton of Zurich.

More information from Swiss Slackline about highlining can be found here